President and CEO Christos G. Venetiou has dedicated his entire adult life to finding the truth and fighting injustice and crime. Starting in the early 1990s while attending college he became one of the first people to comply with the security guard act of 1992 and obtained a NYS security guard license. Soon after Christos began working at the department of Social Services, NYS courts and with the Nassau County park rangers. After obtaining his criminal justice degree, Christos began to apprehend shoplifters at various well known drug stores as a store detective.

At the same time, he was assigned to a federal contract auditing a national retail establishment with regards to compliance from a class action law suit. A year later while continuing his education Christos began a 3-year contract working undercover at a very well known multi state retailer. During that time, he developed training and contacts from members of the NJ State Police Narcotics Bureau.

With credit card fraud at an all time high and the availability of the internet to the general public, Christos implemented policies and procedures that were used in over 40 stores to help reduce cost and crime. By the end of that contract Christos began to investigate lawsuits and claims received by the City of New York, State of New York and various large financial and insurance institutions. During the Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations Christos received training from members of the NYPD major case squad and OCCB. He is personally responsible for 100s of millions of dollars saved in defendants verdicts as he battled against some of New York City’s biggest law firms. Often described as fearless yet cautious, Christos has driven into harm’s way to help fellow New Yorkers during the last 20 years of blackouts, hurricanes and storms providing armed guard services. Today Christos is still going strong with no signs of slowing down. He is a current member of a well-known law enforcement agency and oversees day to day operations of his company. No other private investigator has this diverse background that has proven invaluable in solving cases and finding the truth. If you would like to know more or have any questions please call our agency for a free no pressure confidential consultation.