How much does it cost?

All surveillance and field investigations begin and end from Farmingdale New York. Time and mileage are calculated from portal to portal. All surveillance assignments are for a minimum of 4 hours with an average hourly rate of 75 per hour and 50 cents per mile. There are always special circumstances that will change these figures, but these rates will apply to most situations.

How do I retain retain our agency?

After your no pressure free consultation we will email you a simple easy to read contract that will have all the pertinent information. After you proofread it just sign and email it to us. After we receive your retainer we can begin.

How much is a retainer?

After we discuss your needs and have an estimate of what it will cost, we require a 50% retainer. This can be paid by using Venmo, PayPal, cash app or cash.

Is our office open to the public?

COVID 19 has forced us to go virtual. We have been operating successfully this way and will remain virtual for the remainder of the foreseeable future. Most of our clients do not require that we meet in person. If you choose to do so we can meet at your office, Starbucks or diner of your choice.

Can we obtain text messages, bank records and emails?

No one can legally obtain these records unless a subpoena or court order has been issued. The only exception is if the person who owns these records has signed a release. Any records obtained without a subpoena or court order will be inadmissible in court and result in the possible arrest of the person who obtained these documents.