Our Services



“Dicere Verum” is our motto. We have a great team of surveillance investigators all equipped with the latest technology. Our agency has a proven track record of obtaining excellent results for our clients with defendants’ verdicts in many cases. Workers compensation, school district, disability, litigation, child support, infidelity, harassment are all common genres of assignments that we deal with on weekly basis. All our vehicles are equipped with SD cameras, tinted windows, body cams and GPS modules. Please call us to discuss your needs in detail.

Trial prep and litigation support

Our staff knows how to help you win your case. We have a lot of experience with process service, locating witness and insured and witness transport services. All servers are licensed and bonded as per NYC DCA.

We have been dealing with large corporations, insurance companies and law firms for many years and are familiar with all the “ins and outs”
We have several bilingual investigators in this division that can speak Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Russian and Greek. In addition to general liability investigations, we are experienced at the courthouse obtaining records and accident scene investigations.

Family and civil litigation

Cheating spouse, co-habitation, child custody, child support, violations of orders of protection and landlord tenant disputes are what we deal with all year long.
We are experienced in resolving many of these issues and provide testimony in court if need be. Call our Nassau office anytime for a free confidential consultation.

Social media

In this new digital age we are living in, everyone is on-line somewhere. Our agency has a dedicated team of computer specialists that will find any person of interest that is active on social media, blogs, web forums, etc. We have the resources to uncover blogs, web sites, email accounts, usernames, residence history and employment.

The results are prepared in a simple detailed easy to understand report that will allow the client to visit and view all the information we uncover. Our economic basic report has been very helpful to our clients and in most cases “does the trick”. Sometimes we have someone that is trying to remain anonymous while others are exposed on numerous web sites. That is when our enhanced in-depth report is needed. Please call our Nassau office if you have any questions regarding this.

Real Estate

We provide a real background check on prospective tenants. If you are a landlord or real estate agent, please contact us. A credit report does not tell the whole story. Let us fill in the blanks for you so you can make a better decision.

Foster Care

For approximately 4 years the owner has been assisting 2 well known foster care agencies with location children and birth parents and with great success. If you are an agency and not happy with your staff, please reach out to us as we have great references.


For many years now the owner has been directly involved with nonprofit agencies, fundraisers and special events. Long term, seasonal or annual events. Please call our Suffolk office with any questions.


“Virtus Et Honos” is our motto. We have a great team of professional officers with varied backgrounds. Our diversity is what makes our security team second to none. Our entire staff is armed with current tools of the trade. You will never see an out of shape fragile person wearing our uniform. All are licensed as per New York State with clear criminal backgrounds. Most are active/retired law enforcement and multilingual. We have extensive experience dealing with strike situations, retail operations, executive protection, celebrities, natural disaster, elections, riots, natural disaster, jewelry stores, pharmacy’s, housing developments, places of worship, holiday parties and much more. We are available to perform daily money collections for bank deposits and for those trips to the jewelry store we can “shadow” you or walk with you to get your items serviced without worrying about a robbery. Please call us as we have a lot of different options based on the venue and budget.


Fugitive Recovery Services

We have an excellent small team of bilingual agents that are based out of the Bronx and ready to help you recover your skip. Please call us to discuss in detail.


The company owner is personally involved from beginning to end and will make sure that your precious cargo is delivered without any problems. We have great experience in doing this and are equipped with body cams which makes parents feel at ease. Timing is everything and the more we have the smoother the transport goes. If you are thinking about this, please call us way ahead of time if possible as there are many options to discuss.


Are you a prime target for a robbery, burglary or home invasion? Are you prepared for a natural disaster or zombie apocalypse?

We have spent a lot of time developing comprehensive plan that is custom designed for each person and location. We charge a nominal fee for this service that will save your life should a serious event like these occur. Our plan takes about 60-90 minutes and is highly recommended to people that have already been a victim or want to be prepared.